20 years of research and development in Asia has allowed us to upscale the volume of clean fuel and green hydrogen production needed to effectively challenge the fossil fuel market globally. 

Net-zero, closed-loop production.
100% renewable solar power.
Clean fuels & green hydrogen. 

About us


Founded in 2020, Algo Fuels is an innovative, vertically-integrated, global agribusiness that specialises in the production and retail of clean 'drop-in' fuels and green hydrogen, derived solely from algae and waste.


Algo Fuels uses Algo Infinity Farms to produce clean, cost effective and high performance replacement fuels to diesel.


Our patented, ISCC and REDcert²-certified production and refinery process uses waste to grow high-lipid (oil) content algae into clean biodiesel (FAME) and drop-in hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel and green hydrogen that conform to EN14214, EN15940 and ASTM D975 regulations.


Why algae & waste? 

Algae grows on waste 20–30 times faster than food crops whilst containing 30 times more fuel. This allows Algo Fuels to quickly grow our biomass commercially at volume without impacting human food sources and limiting our use of agricultural land. Algo has identified Australia as a strategic location for our Algo Infinity production system. Algo has become a strategic partner of the Commonwealth Investment Trust to progress our plan in Australia and the UK. 

Forest Road

Nature needs 240 million years to produce oil.

Algo only needs 24 hours.

The fastest, clean alternative to fossil fuels.

Balanced Algo Infinity process

Carbon dioxide, nutrients and sunlight are absorbed by algae grown in saltwater tanks

A much less carbon, energy and land intensive process compared to diesel and food crop biofuels

Oxygen is emitted

2. CAO is extracted

3. Green hydrogen added to refine crude algae oil to fuel 

1. Fats (oils) grow inside the algae

4. Algo Fuel distributed & sold to market 

Waste & algae derived fuels

Algo Biodiesel


Blended Road Diesel: Sent to an existing biodiesel plant to be turned into FAME biodiesel.


This can be used in a blend with petro-diesel up to 20% without requiring engine modification

Algo Clean Fuel


Road diesel: Sent to a refinery to be hydro-cracked into a HVO-style fuel set to EN15940 and ASTM D975 regulations.

Aviation fuel: Higher cetane fuel set to the Jet A1 standard jet fuel. (blended HVO)

Algo Hydrogen 


Algo Green Hydrogen will be produced in Australia from 100% renewable biomass energy facility.


These facilities will be powered on waste dried algae cake and algae oil from the Algo Infinity Farm.

Four strategic pillars

Strategic goal: To be the UK & Australian leader in clean fuels with proprietary and differentiating technologies

Strategic goal: To become the world's number one alternative to fossil fuels, such as diesel, across multiple new and existing strategic sectors

Strategic goal: To expand aggressively into the UK and Australia, targeting fuels with biofuel credits and providing customers with a financial incentive to use clean fuel 

Strategic goal: To significantly contribute to the global reduction in carbon emissions by introducing our clean fuel across the world to meet the Paris Agreement targets